Rebecca’s Writing Credits

(Where work is currently available to read online, links are highlighted in blue)

Warning: Some stories – and the publications they appear in – may contain adult language and themes, including sexual activity and violence.


Fever In The Blood is now available on

The Fever Trilogy:

Fever in the Blood, Vampires 2, ISBN: 9781301594634      Available to purchase  on and Smashwords

Blood Lust, Vampires 2, ISBN: 9781301964109 Available to purchase on

Cold Blood, Vampires 2, (coming soon)

Anthologies & Collections

What is it For?, When Darkness Calls, Screaming Spires Publications (forthcoming)

Isolation, Zombie Lockdown, May December Publications (forthcoming)

To Kiss The Bride, 50 Shades of Decay, Angelic Knight Press (forthcoming)

Catch Kate, Vampires 2 Pulp Fiction Anthology, Vampires 2 (forthcoming)

Blackness & Bone, You Can’t Kill Me I’m Already Dead, Zombie Works Publications (forthcoming)

Silver Daemonsdotter & The Cracked Wax Seal, Sword & Zombie Anthology, AA Productions

Mercy, Cipher Sister Anthology, Thunderdome Press, M. Gonzalez & A. Gowin (eds) (forthcoming)

Lindisfarne, Horrific History Anthology, Hazardous Press (forthcoming)

The Inanimates I, Strange, Weird & Wonderful Publishing, (forthcoming)

Locked Inside, Leodegraunce Flash Fiction Anthology, (forthcoming 2013)

Jasmine And Opium, Eulogies II: A Horror World Anthology (forthcoming)

Reborn Into The Night, Tails of The Pack, Sky Warrior Books (forthcoming)

Unlovely, No Place Like Home: Tales from a Fractured Future anthology, Angelic Knight Press (forthcoming)

Half Moon, Blood Iris 2012 Anthology, Red Iris (forthcoming)

Reward Offered!, Mad Scientists’ Journal

Her Mother’s Fur, Mark Of The Beast, Scott David Aniolowski (ed.) Chaosium Inc. (forthcoming)

Aaron, Quick Bites of Flesh, Hazardous Press, (forthcoming)

The Tide Cycle, Oceans Anthology, Angela Charmaine Craig (ed.) Electrik Milk Bath Press

Morning Reflections, Dreams of Duality, Red Skies Press, Mark Crittenden (ed.),  March 2012

Over the Fence, Wandering Weeds, Hall Brothers Entertainment, Jaleta Clegg (ed.) March 2012

Rebecca has contributed to the popular ‘Crimson Pact’ anthology series.

Camden Blood, Ruby Red Cravings, Pill Hill Press, Brianna Stoddard (ed.) June 2011

Cherry Picking, The Crimson Pact Anthology, May 2011

Dining With A Mermaid, Daily Flash: 366 Days of Flash Fiction 2012, Jessy M. Roberts (ed.) Pill Hill Press, May 2011

Three Untitled Short Poems, NitTwitts, Heavy Hands Ink, May 2011

His Shoulders, 140 And Counting, April 2011

Beyond The Closet, Closet Monsters, Chris Bartholomew (ed.) Static Movement, March 2011

Revisiting Youth, Fountain of Youth, Chris Bartholomew (ed.) Static Movement, March 2011

Attack of The Zombie Hamsters, Unquiet Earth: An Anthology of Living Dead Flash, Chris Bartholomew (ed.) Static Movement, February 2011

FAO Gnome Man, People of Few Words: Volume 3, The Short Humour Site, February 2011

Thrall’s Sacrifice, Their Dark Masters, Mark Crittenden (ed.) Red Skies Press, January 2011 [ISBN-13: 978-1456334772] (anthology placed 7th in 2010-11 Predators & Editors polls, anthology category)

Burning in Rome, Matters Most Extraordinary, Alex Nineveh (ed.), January 2011

Bringing Home The Beach, Seasons In The Abyss, Jack Burton (ed.) Bloodbound Books, January 2011

Rebecca’s short story, Thrall’s Sacrifice was featured in the Their Dark Masters anthology

The Perfect Shoes, Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Frightening Flash Fiction, Jessy M. Roberts (ed.) Pill Hill Press, January 2011

The Reunion, Daily Bites of Flesh Anthology,Jessy M. Roberts (ed.) Pill Hill Press, December 2010 [ISBN-13: 978-1617060182]

Party Girl, Cup of Joe Anthology, Jessica A. Weiss (ed.) Wicked East Press, December 2010

Driving, Daily Flash: 365 Days of Flash Fiction, Jessy M. Roberts (ed.) Pill Hill Press, October 2010 [ISBN-13: 978-1617060106]

Caging Diana, Howl: Echoes of The Hunt, Mark Crittenden (ed.) Red Skies Press (project delayed)

Magazines & Webzines

Unmeaning, Human Echoes, (forthcoming)

A Silver Soul, The WiFiles, (forthcoming July 2013)

Echoes of Roses, The Kite Journal, (forthcoming)

Locked Inside, Leodegraunce Issue 17, (forthcoming)

Red Squirrel 42, Fiction365, (forthcoming)

Calliope Muse, Perihelion SF, (forthcoming)

The Dancer, Bosley Gravel’s Cavalcade of Terror
The Grey Man Spoke, Solidarity Science Fiction, (forthcoming)
The Open Pouch, Sword & Sorcery Magazine

The Devotion of Mister Binkles, Bizarrocast, (forthcoming 2013)

The Binary Birth, Quantum Realities

Estrie’s Choosing, Night to Dawn Magazine, (forthcoming 2013)

Shadow of Ragnarok, Sword & Sorcery Magazine, September 2012

Untitled, Paragraph Planet, September 2012

A Call For Retroaction, Mad Scientists’ Journal, (forthcoming)

First Love, Drunk Monkeys, August 2012

The Demoness, Fiction365, (forthcoming)

Listening To The Chocolate, Metro Fiction, April 2012

The Sucker, Every Night Erotica, June 2012

Broken Pieces, Primalzine Issue One February 2011

The Inner Child, 365 Tomorrows February 2011

A Beautiful Lie, Bewildering StoriesFebruary 2011 (Editor’s Choice Award 2011)

The Stripper, Every Night Erotica, January 2011

Soaking, Moonwashed Kisses January 2011

Coffee With Plumnuts, Concisely Issue 5 January 2011

Shadows, Flash Shot January 2011

Wishing, Long Story Short December 2010

Untitled, Seedpod Publishing December 2010

Falling, Blink-Ink Issue 4 November 2010

Riveted, Flash Shot November 2010

Corpus Erotica, Sex & Murder Magazine Issue 13 October 2010

What Is It For, Short Story Me October 2010

Cleaning, Litsnack October 2010

Remaking The Raven, EMG Zine Issue 57 September 2010

The Awesome Cake, Ponytails September 2010

Twisted, Weirdyear September 2010

Untitled, 7×20 August 2010

Read Me A Story, Camroc Press Review August 2010

Rain, Trapeze Magazine August 2010

Untitled, Thaumatrope August 2010

Divorcing The Night, Awen Issue 8 (Atlantean Publishing) August 2010

Forgetting, Trapeze Magazine August 2010

An Independant Mind, Sillymess August 2010

Bonsai, Micro-Horror July 2010

To Dust, Thrillers, Chillers ‘n’ Killers July 2010

FAO Gnome Man, The Short Humour Site July 2010

There Used To Be Trees, Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine  July 2010

FAO Dragon, Postcard Shorts  July 2010

Three Inches, Sillymess June 2010


Untitled, Scifaikuest, (forthcoming May 2013)

The Pagan Trail, Eternal Haunted Summer (forthcoming)

Timothy Hawkins, Neon (forthcoming)

Slick, Neon (forthcoming)

Commuting, Neon (forthcoming)

Starchild, Astropoetica (forthcoming)

Lady of Folkvangr, Freya Devotional Anthology (forthcoming)

Revenge Fire, Every Day Poets June 2012

Untitled, Three Line Poetry Issue 10 April 2012

Untitled, Three Line Poetry Issue 9 March 2012

Rebecca’s poems to Ishtar and Tiamat were featured in the Anointed devotional anthology

Ishtar / Tiamat, Anointed: A Devotional Anthology for the Deities of the Near and Middle East , Blbliotheca Alexandrina, Tess Dawson (ed.) November 2011 [ISBN-13: 978-1463728977]

Lines, And/Or September 2011

The Purple Goblin, Stories For Children Magazine April 2011

Irony, The Cynic Magazine March 2011

Wishes, The Feline Muse February 2011

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, The Camel Saloon January 2011

Puttana, Apparatus Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2 January 2011   (ISBN 1947-2463)

Mysterious Jam, Obsessed With Pipework Magazine Issue 53, December 2010

Making Waves, The Red Poppy Review December 2010

Excuses, Killpoet Issue 9 December 2010

Overlording, Vox Poetica November 2010

Gremlins (A Non-Poem), Danse Macabre Du Jour November 2010

Creatures of Remorse, The Dark Fiction Spotlight, October 2010

And They Fear Breadsticks, Seahorse Rodeo Folk Review Issue 2 September 2010

Jazz Echos, Magnolia’s Press September 2010

Shed Shadow, Disingenuous Twaddle September 2010

Sacrifice, Cherry-Picked Hands September 2010

Three Modern Haiku, Eskimo PieAugust 2010

Untitled, A Handful Of Stones August 2010

Valleys, Hobo Pancakes August 2010

Blowing, Clutching At Straws July 2010

Computer Games

Academagia, Black Chicken Studios Text Game Content, September 2012

Rebecca has contributed a selection of writing to the popular game Academagia, produced by Black Chicken Studios

Mixed Media & Artwork

Be Careful, Collaboration With Ceri Jones, December 2010

Kisses,Pocket Smut, November 2010

Making Changes, Liquid Imagination Issue 7, November 2010

Restrictions, Kerouac’s Dog Magazine Issue 1, September 2010

Rebecca’s artwork has also appeared in and on the covers of various magazines including Sex & Murder Magazine.


Fear & Desire: Erotic Fiction, Book Junkies Journal, November 2012

Ghosts, Fox True Ghost Tales, October 2012

Rebecca’s non-fiction writing includes a piece about her partner, Nik, which is available to read on the Research Autism website

Nik, Reasearch Autism, May 2012

Italians, Adventures in Estrogen, August 2010

Polidori’s The Vampyre (review), Anything Horror, July 2010


In the past, Rebecca has written regular pieces for a number of publications on a regular basis. These have included:

These Old New Traditions – articles and opinion pieces

Butnu  – fiction, opinion pieces, film reviews and interviews

Zombie Command – how-to guides and articles

Zombie Digest – articles

Simply Woman Magazine – articles and how-to guides

Pagan Friends Webzine – articles, opinion pieces, interviews, reviews (music, book and film), how-to guides etc.


Pagan Friends Webzine, May 2011-May 2012

Media Appearances

Rebecca was interviewed by Alliteration Ink as part of a series scheduled to appear from 31st October 2012

An interview with Rebecca was featured on The Ginger Nuts of Horror on 26th October 2012.

Rebecca was interviewed by Peter Salomon on  his blog for his Wednesday interview slot on 24th October 2012.

To celebrate the release of Tails of the Pack, a werewolf anthology, an interview with Rebecca is scheduled to appear in Patricia Correll’s blog.

In September 2012, Rebecca wore issue thirty nine of The Safety Pin Review in and around Cardiff city centre.

Creatures of Remorse featured in Saint FM’s Reflections show (presented by Anthony Mayer), August 2010

Interview feature (with selected photography) in Dark Gothic Magazine, Spring Issue 2010


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