About Rebecca

“…a hugely creative writer that seamlessly merges different genres into something unique and fresh.” Scott Shoyer, Anything Horror Webzine

Rebecca L. Brown is a British writer based in Cardiff, South Wales where she lives with her partner and assorted menagerie. She wanders through various genres (including horror, sci-fi, romance, humour and fantasy), forgets where she was supposed to be going and gets horribly lost on a regular basis.

Rebecca has a first class BA in Archaeology and a keen interest in languages, mythology and science. Her friends regularly discourage her from talking about fractals because things are better that way. Rebecca’s hobbies include martial arts, drawing, baking, weightlifting, leatherworking and music. She has also been known to knit an occasional fish.

For further information, or to contact Rebecca with writing briefs, interview requests etc., you can get in touch with Rebecca at rebeccalbrown@hotmail.co.uk or by visiting her Facebook page.


4 responses to “About Rebecca

  1. BA doesnt stand for bugger all does it

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