Someone Else’s Writing: Morgann Roddy

Morgann Roddy: “never allow anyone to tell you how or what to write”

Morgann, could you tell us a little bit about your book?


First of all, Rebecca, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my novel with you on your blog today. It’s awesome to be doing this with you.


About the book: Undisclosed Desire is a paranormal romance set somewhere in the middle of the sixteenth century in Seville, Spain. Keith D’Ameron is a vampire with many secrets, who has been wandering Europe, content with exploring what his life of the night can afford him, when he comes across Seville and decides to explore it on a whim. Within an hour, he is captivated by a beautiful young man named Javier Estas – and Keith falls in love quite literally at the point of this young man’s sword.


What made you decide to write it?


What later became Undisclosed Desire was my fiancée’s suggestion that it be the topic for my very first try at National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo – and when she read it, she insisted it was an awesome story and that I had to finish it. She supported me the entire way through it and beyond.


How did you feel when you finished it?


The day I finished it, she was at work, so I called her as she was on her way home and, stealing something from a Stephen King book, left her a voicemail saying, “Well, that’s all right, then, isn’t it?” which is something Mike Noonan, Stephen King’s author character in his novel Bag of Bones, would say to his wife when he finished a book. My fiancée was puzzled at first, but then I pointed to the screen and she squealed.
Some writers have specific ways of writing or specific ‘rituals’; would you say you have any specific rituals or writing process quirks?


I have to have instrumental music on when I’m writing. I MUST. Whether it’s karaoke soundtracks or stuff from Hans Zimmer, Beethoven, game music, whatever, I have to have music on when I write. It has to be instrumental because the lyrics will distract me, otherwise, and I’ll look up and see this on the screen: “He crossed the foreground, his long legs total eclipse of the heart turn around bright eyes” or something like that.


Are there any writers who you really admire?


Stephen King and Diana Gabaldon. If my writing talent was half as great as theirs, I’d be selling comfortably by now, and be set for life.

Undisclosed Desires is currently available to purchase at Createspace and

What was the last thing you read and would you recommend it?


The last thing I read was actually a collection of horror shorts by Indie writer(s) Lisa McCourt Hollar and Janet Sked. It was a cute little collection called Horrors D’Ouvres.


What are you working on at the moment?


I’m gearing up for this Nano-Wri-Mo (the subject will be the sequel to Undisclosed Desire) and a short story which features Javier Estas, Keith and their werewolf companion, Amaroq, from Undisclosed Desire.
Finally, do you have any hints or tips for other aspiring writers?


Definitely market your book before it’s done. Start the hype BEFORE-hand, to gather yourself an excited following. Other than that – I don’t have much advice to give, because I’m learning as I go. But never allow anyone to tell you how or what to write. You might need a fanbase to SELL books, but you don’t need one to WRITE one. Writing should be done for yourself alone.


To find out more about Morgann’s writing, visit her Facebook page. Undisclosed Desires is available to purchase through Createspace and


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