Someone Else’s Writing: Elaine Raco Chase


Rebecca recently interviewed ‘indie writer’ Elaine Raco Chase:

Elaine Raco Chase: Put on a Kevlar vest because reviews, right or wrong, will hurt…

What are you working on at the moment? Is there something you’d like to work on in the future? A project you’ve been putting off, maybe, or an ‘ideal’ story you’d like to do –


First – thank you so much for this opportunity to talk with your fans – it is deeply appreciated.

I just posted a contemporary woman’s fiction novel – Best Laid Plans – on KDPrime and it has been well received. While it was a classic – written in 1983 – it just needed a few updates to writing and style – and I did expand it. It was pure chick-lit (not even a term back then!), full of fashion, interior design and New Orleans before Katrina – and a friends with benefits theme that again wasn’t a tag – that expanded into a highly sensual romantic triangle.

I am now hard at work on Caught in a Trap. While it was a #1 bestselling romance novel in print in 1982, it too is being expanded, enhanced, and more characters are being added. It is so nice to be an indie author where I can ignore word count, an editor saying ‘no you can’t say that!’ and just create a full, rich – and with this book an erotic, romantic comedy.

In the future? I just got the rights back to my award-winning mystery series so I will be updating those.


How would you describe your writing style to someone who was completely new to it? To what extent do you consciously think about the way you use language? 


I have always written sexy, sassy romantic comedies – they are mostly dialogue books (I have a hard time writing description) and come from writing for TV and radio. Even the mystery series is fast, hard, sexy and sharp. The books are translating great into audio books.

As for language – well we are free now to use all those ‘words’ we could never type before (LOL) but frankly it has to fit the characters.


What would you say is the hardest part of being a writer? Do you consider yourself to be a writer and if so when did you start to do so? 


I considered myself a writer when I got my first book contract in 1978. The hardest part? it’s a lonely job…well…while I’m surrounded by my characters chattering away… it’s fun to see,talk and have lunch with real people!

Facebook gets you chatting but all of a sudden the day has gone by. So I’m limiting myself to a couple of intervals morning, noon and night – it’s way to much fun.


Are there any other writers who you really admire? What was the last thing you read and would you recommend it?

Best Laid Plans is available to purchase on For one day only on the 25th October, it will be available for free!

I admire all writers – it’s damn hard work. The last thing I read? Well, when I’m writing I usually limit myself to magazines…but I was a beta reader for NYTimes Bestselling Author Janelle Taylor’s first psychological horror e-book: Necessary Evil. WOW – graphic, gritty, page-turner that made me turn on all the lights!


Finally, do you have any hints and tips for other aspiring writers?  


I teach creative writing – and have since 1985 – at a variety of colleges & Universities. I’ve just finished up 2 years at Miami-Dade College.  I’m doing an online class on e-books & writing.  My suggestions? Don’t rush your work because you can publish it directly. Make sure it is the best it can be, then edit again. Put on a Kevlar vest because reviews, right or wrong, will hurt and are instant (I had to buy one for myself!)  but once you feel it is your version of a great read, set it free!


To find out more about Elaine’s writing, you can visit her website, follow her on Facebook or add her on Twitter @ElaineRaco. Best Laid Plans will be available for free for one day only on the 25th October. 



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7 responses to “Someone Else’s Writing: Elaine Raco Chase

  1. Thanks Rebecca for hosting me on your blog! Best Laid Plans will be FREE all day, Thursday…October 25th – on Amazon US/UK…hope everyone will grab up a copy!

  2. One of things I like most about Elaine Raco Chase’s books is her smart characters. No TSTL heroines in her stories. I want to be able to identify with the female leads, and she does a terrific job at that. Can’t recommend her books enough.

  3. Count me as another longtime fan as well as a friend of Elaine’s. We birds of a feather — authors of romantic comedy — flock together! I really love that her books are now in audio editions too.

  4. A great interview. I’ve been a fan of Elaine’s since she started writing. I love her humorous and sexy banter and her use of sexual tension. She has wonderful characters and knows her subject (like their professions) very well. I read her in paperback. Now, I’m reading them all again in ebook as they’re released. Her books are keepers. Never read one I didn’t love or laugh out loud. Thanks for the mention of my new release: NE.

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